German Shepherd Dog VA3 Tito vom Finkensclag IPO3 KKL
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VA3 Tito vom Finkensclag IPO3 KKL "Tito "


Country United States
AKC - American Kennel Club DN52268101
Dob 10-Nov-13
Masculine, very lively noble expression, dry and firm, powerful effective movement” Progeny in Germany described as having excellent conformation, strong bite work, and deep pigmentation Standing at stud in NY. Frozen semen shipment available Contact: In NY: Irina Sushko 516-852-9035
VA2 USA Sieger Show, V9 BSZS 2017, VA2 BELGIUM 2017, VA3 NETHERLANDS 2016


Breeding Notes

Health and DNA test notes HD: f.normal ED: normal DNA: Gepr.

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Country United States
Breeding Philosophy Please check our website for further info

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Tito vom Finkensclag 09-Oct-18 German Shepherd Dog

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