Poodle Akc standard poodle  King Jackson
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Akc standard poodle King Jackson "Jackson "


Country United States
AKC - American Kennel Club Pr18547802
Dob 05-May-15
This dog is one of my best friends and lives with me currently! He is a gorgeous Sable Phantom AKC/CKC standard poodle and throws a beautiful variety of rare colors such as silver, phantom sable, and brindle! He is an extremely smart, obedient, and loving family dog that has never given me or my family any issues at all! Each of our dogs is raised in a loving home with a backyard, screened owners, and a loving family so that we can ensure these dogs have the best quality of life, while still being able to create beautiful puppies! He has proven that he can make beautiful puppies and has great, healthy genes in his bloodline as well. He is CLEARED from SOD1, ATF2, PRCD, VWF and has cleared OFA to have great hips for breeding! text me for details Thanks for your interest!

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Country United States
Breeding Philosophy Meet Rocky everyone! He is a proven stud of both Pomskies pictures of his current litter are listed with him he also just sire a litter of gorgeous Pomeranian puppies! If you are looking to do pomski this is the boy you would want to use hands down!!!! He carries the blue eye Genetics and also has proven to produce perfectly masked Pomskies! He has a very high sperm count over 3-6million when he was checked amazing for a 7lb boy! If you use solid red Pomeranians for Pomski all you end up getting is large looking Pomeranians:/ He is AKC/ckc Registered text or call if you would like to make an appointment...

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