Terms and Conditions

We would like to introduce you to the launch of a new concept for the canine breeding world both in Australia and internationally.

Sires on Ice has been created to assist you in every way to freeze, store, import, export, sell or purchase canine frozen semen. We invite you to visit our web site which will quickly grow to be a major portal facilitating your every enquiry easily and affordably into the world of frozen semen.

Never before has there been such efficiency in canine frozen semen but thanks to the Camelot system and Sires on Ice we now have access to a breeding system that maximizes your chances of a successful conception and provides ready contact with breeders worldwide interested in being part of this affordable and successful partnership.

For the past decade the greyhound industry internationally has embraced the Camelot Frozen Semen System. It has revolutionized greyhound breeding on three continents. The system has proven more successful than natural breeding and the National Greyhound Association (USA) reports that 72% of all greyhound pups born in 2004 were produced by frozen semen with an 88% conception rate.

It is time to extend that success to the Show Dog Breeding World and to facilitate this we have created Sires on Ice for breeders to communicate and provide or purchase quality frozen semen.

We are developing many partnerships with breeders themselves to collect, assess and freeze semen from their sires for listing on the SiresOnIce.com website. By creating this partnership your sires are listed, presented and advertised free of charge effectively providing maximal worldwide exposure through the gateway of this major canine frozen semen portal.

I want to have my sire’s semen frozen - How does it work?

  • We will freeze your dogs semen at our Central Coast facility using the Camelot Farms System.
  • We will store your sire’s semen free of charge for 12 months from the date of freezing.
  • You agree to list all splits, so collected, available for sale on Sires On Ice for a minimum period of 12 months.
  • Sale enquiries will be forwarded to you for approval before any on-line transaction sale is completed.
  • At the time of such sale a commission of 25% of the service fee or $A200 (whichever is less) is payable to Sires on Ice
  • Should no sale occur within 12 months from the date of freezing you may elect to have Sires On Ice to continue to store the splits at a charge of $A99 per year per cane payable 12 months in advance, and continue to list your sire on the web site. [each cane will store between 3 to 6 splits depending on semen quality concentration and post thaw motility] Alternatively you may elect to relocate the semen at your cost to a facility of your choice and remove your listing on Sires on Ice.
  • Sires On Ice undertake to fund advertising of the site to ensure a priority web search listing on line as well as directing potential customers by means of appropriate print media advertising. It is our aim to make Sires on Ice a major gateway for current knowledge and trade in the world of dog breeding. The commissions payable help to fund the site maintenance and maintain the site in a preeminent position.
  • We have accredited agents in the USA, UK and Ireland as well as a network of Camelot Farms accredited implanters worldwide where processed semen can be listed on Sires on Ice.
  • Sires on Ice provide a full Veterinary Surgeons Board approved surgical implant facility at our Calga laboratory and can complete implants with progesterone testing on site utilizing an Immulyte 1000. Alternatively the purchaser may request relocation of the breeding unit within Australia or overseas and costing for such relocation is provided.
  • By accepting to list with Sires on Ice you agree to abide to our breeding terms of trade policy. You agree to replace a breeding unit free of charge in the circumstance of a missed conception and ensure such replacement is available, or refund provided in the event of the sire being no longer available. A litter is considered one or more pups.
  • As you already have semen processed by the Camelot system prior to 2006, a
    50-puppy-dollar voucher is available to credit against prior freezes to assist breeders to list affordably with Sires on Ice. The voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

What do I need to do?
As an existing Client

  • Consider which draws you might like to list with FPDC
  • Sign a listing agreement and provide details and photos of your stud and sire(s)
  • It costs you nothing and we will give you a $50credit puppy voucher for each Camelot freeze already available for list on FPDC (full collection only). This is redeemable as discount off future freezes for listing on FPDC.

We look forward to welcoming you to the world of frozen semen through the FPDC platform and trust that it will be a rewarding partnership for all concerned. Moreover the benefit to our respective breeds, genetically, will be reflected in outcross hybrid vigor utilizing the affordable, efficient and dedicated technology based on the Camelot Farms system of pelleted frozen semen.