About Sires on Ice

Sires On Ice is an Independent, privately owned company specializing in providing a complete stud dog management system combining all the logistical needs of frozen semen. Including Collections and Freezing, Importation, Exportation, Transport (Domestic and International) and Storage.

Sires On Ice has been developed to allow breeders access to stud dogs from around the world and provide a complete system to manage frozen canine semen for the present and the future. Sires On Ice.com is your complete on-line Stud Management System. Become a member to list your stud dogs for others to consider adding to their lines. Login to view your personalized semen inventory at your fingertips, domestically and internationally, find stud dogs worldwide, list your studs, receive requests for breedings, allocate breeding units to purchasers, and initiate transport.

Sires On Ice can arrange transport and relocation of your canine semen to any facility worldwide, requirements permitting. We appoint only recognized freight and airline companies to transport our shipments and our standard procedures ensure that contact is maintained with all agencies and facilities until the shipment reaches its intended destination. Transport of semen is carried out using specifically designed cryogenic vapor shippers. Sires On Ice plans each shipment to minimize the time in which your dogs semen is in the shipper.

Sires On Ice takes all possible care in the handling and storage of your dogs semen including all reasonable precautions for the safety of the semen at all times.